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Please be informed that, due the winter holiday, our office will be closing from Dec 26th, 2018 (Sat) to Jan 6th, 2019 (Sun). For those who inquire and apply for our service during the period above, we’ll give you a reply after Jan 7th, 2019 (Mon). Thank you very much for your understanding.
Wishing you a joyous holiday season and all the best that the New Year can bring.

Press Release for Cacay Oil, Our New Product

This is a press release related to recruitment of sales agent for "Cacay Nut Oil" which is made from "Cacay Nuts" has been announced on June 18, 2018.
Please note that the content of the article contains information on the time of publication and it does not reflect changes since the announced date.
More information, please click here to find the PDF file.


Good Life Planning is

We create new value of merchandise & develop global market.

With staffs who were born and grew up in foreign countries, we do business in a local city: Okayama, Japan.
Considering difference and diversity of language, culture as well as business customs in the world, we create new value.
We verify quality of material, prepare good information in each language and support smooth progress of business. Also, we coordinate and remake our business network to present "good products" into the world.
Let's start business together with us!

We would like to assist your international business from or into Japan.

On the way home from office, I stop by for shopping as usual.
There are good sellers among various merchandises in a supermarket.
There are products that don't sell well for some reason, too.
I am interested in the products that don't sell.
I wonder why those don't sell well, what is the difference from good sellers.
We can find products that sell or don't sell not only in supermarket.
Even though I try, eat or hear about the product, I sometimes don't understand why it doesn't sell.

I change information about the product a little.
I change how to express and see the product... Or I change language...
I change company to introduce to... I change a country to do so...
I change amount of one batch...
I change contents... I change package... I remake the product...

with pouring my enthusiasm.


Notice of Office Relocation
We are pleased to inform you that with effect from 7 October 2017, our
company has been relocated as follows address, the main telephone and
facsimile numbers remain unchanged.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We look forward to your continued support.
Thank you very much!

company name Good Life Planning Co., Ltd.
location 〒701-1153 3697-1, Tomihara, Kita-ku, Okayama-city, Okayama-pref., Japan MAP
Phone (81) 86-250-3540
FAX (81) 86-250-3560
CEO & President Kazuko Fukushima
Capital 10 million yen
Number of staff 7 members
Establishment April, 2003
Business lineup ・Food product & material import & export
・Health & beauty products planning & manufacturing & wholesale & distribution
・Secondhand dealer (car & antique, etc.)
・River & river gate maintenance
Our banks ・Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
・Chugoku Bank
・Tomato Bank
Consulting lawyer Toranomon Law & Economic Office Okayama branch Lawyer Norikazu Tatehata
・Antique & Secondhand Goods Dealer's License No.721020019900
Relevant organizations ・Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry member
・Japan Association for Techno-innovation in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(JATAFF)
・Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Joint Industry-University Support Project coordinator
・Secrerariat of Council of Industry-Academia-Gcverment Collaboration of “Field for Knowledge Integration and Innovation”(FKⅡ)




MCT powder
We directly import this MCT powder which has been produced in Malaysia.
It is made from high-quality palm kernel oil of Malaysia as raw material.
It is said that MCT powder is good for digestion and absorption and turns to be energy for human body very smoothly.
・本体、特に胞子という種の保存に関わる最重要因子を汚れや細菌、ウィルスから守ってくれる成分で、様々な研究が進められる中、人間の防衛機能を回復して免疫力を正常化させるほか、血液凝固抑制作用 をはじめ癌転移、血圧上昇抑制、中性脂肪抑制、抗アレルギー、肝機能向上作用など、現代人の健康に欠かせない機能が学術的に明らかにされており、本来、人間に備わっている自然治癒力を正常化する効能が明らかになっている、代替医療界で最も注目されている天然成分です。
As a highly functional food made from soy beans fermented by Bacillus, Natto shows its effects that help prevent arteriosclerosis and blood clots from forming, Focus on these high functionalities, a strain was discovered that named as DC-15.DC-15 has been proved that is able to inhibit activity of α-glucosidase.

Patent number
Korea: No. 10-0708286
Japan: No. 4465337


Features of Bacillus Natto DC-15
As α-glucosidase inhibitor, DC-15 suppresses the elevation of blood glucose rising after meals, also helps to weight loss, possibly effective to metabolic syndrome pre-diabetes.

What is α-glucosidase?
α-glucosidase is a glycolytic enzyme present in the small intestine, break carbohydrates into glucose which will be absorbed, and get into blood. Therefore, by inhibiting the action of α-glucosidase, it is possible to suppress the decomposition into glucose and suppress the rise in postprandial blood glucose level.

Applications of Bacillus Natto DC-15 (liquid &powder)
· To make Natto.
· As supplementary material.
· As food materials (to make noodles, pizza, cereal, etc.).
· To make pet food.

Characteristics of Natto Added DC-15
·Natto made by Bacillus Natto DC-15 shows a high activity to inhibit α-glucosidase.
·The carbohydrate which was not able to digest in the small intestine will be digested by the intestinal microorganisms in the large intestine.
· No odor unique to Natto, very easy to eat.

DC-15 shows the effect for hypoglycemia and weight loss as α-glucosidase inhibitor.



Job opening type Overseas sales・Registered customs specialist
Employment type Regular employee
Probationary employment period 3 months
Salary By our regulations.
Working hours AM9:00~PM17:00 (or be on flextime )
Work location Okayama city, the headquarter.



Phone, please contact us by FAX or email.

Phone (+81) 86-250-3540
FAX (+81) 86-250-3560


Update information · Announcements

Notice of Office Relocation
We are pleased to inform you that with effect from 7 October 2017, our
company has been relocated as follows address, the main telephone and
facsimile numbers remain unchanged.
Our new building location at: Add Tomihara 3697-1, Kita-ku, Okayama-city, Okayama-pref., Japan
Zip 701-1153 (unchanged)
Tel +81-86-250-3540 (unchanged)
Fax +81-86-250-3560 (unchanged)
Sorry for the inconvenience. We look forward to your continued support. Thank you very much!
MCT powder imported from Malaysia, now start selling
New products start selling! Cacay Nuts Beauty Oil 30ml
We start selling products on and!
we are handling Cacay Oil (import from Colombia, South America)
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